Air-Val / Disney & Kids Fragrances

Setting Trends and Creating Fragrances since 1979

Founded on core values of passion and innovation, Air-Val is the leading producer worldwide of children’s and teen fragrances. Thanks to a constantly evolving creative spirit, Air-Val has transformed prestigious brands into more than 300 perfumery and personal care products sold across 5 continents.

Hairways Travel Essentials

Premium Hair Care and Beauty Products in Travel-friendly Sizes

Tailored to the Travel Retail & Duty Free markets, Hairways' product line includes hair care products, shaving gels, after- sun creams, deodorants and lotions in approved carry-on sizes.

All products are paraben and fragrance free, are formulated with high-quality ingredients, and provide everything expected from a premium complete cosmetics brand.

Gardiners of Scotland

Quality Handmade Confectionary with Traditional Recipes

Gardiners of Scotland are a confectionery manufacturing company, established in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1949. This family owned company specializes in hand-made confectionery products, based on traditional Scottish recipes.

In recent times, flavoring traditional fudge with some of the best single malt whiskies, including Jack Daniel's, Glengoyne, Tobermory and others, presented in prestige packaging, has enabled the company to expand across many continents throughout the world.


Yowie… Guardians of the Natural World

Yowie is a brand that appeals to all ages, and its core message is "save the natural world". The story is told through the adventures and exploits of the six endearing Yowie characters and their animal friends and adversaries.

The Yowie confectioneries are character-moulded, 28gr chocolate inclusion products, wrapped in the six vibrant characters' foils, containing a limited edition natural replica animal and an information leaflet profiling the animal and its threats from the environment.


Don't just Give - Give Happiness

Troika Germany helps people and companies to find innovative design gifts that give joy to the recipients. A special focus is put on gifts (not just) for men.

As a brand, Troika stands for the transformation of current trends into sophisticated products - always with the attention on coherent design and creativity. German Brand Award Winner 2017.


The Ernst Feiler GmbH is renowned as the leading manufacturer worldwide of genuine patterned chenille and fine terry with chenille borders. 

The worldwide unique FEILER Chenille is made of 100% premium cotton and manufactured according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Chenille by FEILER is "Made in Germany", baby skin friendly, abrasion-resistant, hygienic and washable at 60°C. Careful processing and the selection of high-quality materials guarantee the longevity of the products.  

Focus in Travel Retail is on children's products and trendy accessories (Handbags, toiletry bags, make-up bags).